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FIMK is 2nd generation cryptocurrency blockchain platform with instant E2EE messaging and distributed marketplace.

FIMK was launched in July 2014 by non-profit association Krypto Fin ry. At launch 333.14 Million FIMK were distributed to 416 donators on pro rata basis.

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Lompsa - Your crypto toolbox

Lompsa is the primary FIMK wallet client granting you access to the numerous features of the FIMK p2p network. Lompsa can be used as native executable on your workstation Operating System (Windows, Linux, Mac) or as a thin client through your web browser at Lompsa.com.

Through Lompsa.com you can access the following functions:

  • Creating new FIMK account
  • FIMK transfers, asset transfers
  • Instant encrypted p2p messages
  • Decentralized Asset exchange, FIMK exchange
  • Sales and purchase on the FIMK Peer Marketplace
  • Blockchain history for your accounts
  • Full transaction history of the whole FIMK network
  • Block statistics, forging and block rewards

The downloadable application can be used in full node mode, making your workstation a participant in the FIMK p2p network. As a full node, your workstation runs a FIMK server that enhances the operations of the peer network and is eligible for randomly assigned block rewards for instance.

The FIMK server requires Java SE 8 or later. The downloadable Lompsa application can also be used as a thin client to use the FIMK network services without operating a peer server yourself. The web accessible Lompsa.com can only be used as a thin client with your internet browser.

More information about Lompsa and FIMK can be read and requested from the Markka.com forum.


Blockhain economy

Open source software Community developed during 2014 - 2022

Peer controlled

Central management
Peer network with user distributed nodes


Instant transactions with average 20sec clearance.


Social finances. Open creation of local sub-currencies. P2P asset trading and customizable exchange platform freely usable. Merchant facilities.